IFIA INV Members Competition 2021 Report

 | Post date: 2021/08/30 | 
It is our honor to tell you that the first competition designated for IFIA members, also known as INV members, went well and had the outcome envisaged for it, and today, the final results have been released.
IFIA being one of the pioneer organizations involved with invention and innovation, one of the main goals of The International Federation of Inventors’ Association is to appreciate the invention and innovation community. And to do so, we established the INV title to distinguish the members of the federation, which was the preceding step to the INV invention competition.
At the INV invention competition, more than 650 inventions from around 35 countries enrolled at the event. The competitors were from countries such as America, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, England, China, Lebanon, Poland, etc.
It is an honor to announce that the inventors and innovators of our country were able to achieve successful results in this important field, and among these winners is Ms. Hanieh Qassab Alamdari, a biology graduate of the Faculty of Life Sciences, who won a bronze medal.

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