Report of International Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering Symposium

 | Post date: 2022/09/3 | 
The Faculty of Biological Sciences and the Center for Reproduction, Maintenance and Breeding of Laboratory Animals has always been a pioneer in holding national and international specialized events due to the existence of numerous scientific and human capacities. Considering the designation of 1401 as the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, it is very important to address biology as a science that is directly related to life, health, environment and world population.
Considering the human need to apply basic sciences, it was decided to hold the first international symposium and the third summer school of biology of Khorezmi University under the efforts of the Biology Association and in cooperation with the Development Staff of Basic Cell Sciences and Technologies with the presence of prominent national and international experts. Title "Cell and tissue engineering; From the laboratory to the bedside and industry" to be named and organized. 

The purpose of holding this comprehensive program is to familiarize more and more people interested in this field with the developments and opportunities of tissue engineering and stem cells, and to create sufficient ability and motivation for entrepreneurship and commercialization of these technologies, and effective communication between academia and industry, relying on the interdependence of various disciplines, as well as Familiarity with the methods that can be used to spread biology from the library to the laboratory, from the laboratory to the bedside, industry and companies.

Mr. Dr. Mohammad Nabiuni, the respected president of the Iranian Biology Association, announced this series of scientific events as a valuable opportunity for the gathering of students, researchers, and those interested in modern science and basic research related to the field of health, and expressed that the participants, while familiarizing themselves with the latest achievements in this field, are able to The development of people in terms of practical skills is improved in the workshop section.

The first part of this series of events includes an international symposium with the participation of ten experts in the field of tissue engineering from the world's top universities, York University (Canada), Manchester (England), West Virginia (USA), John Hopkins (USA), Rohr (Germany), Golf (Canada) and Dows (Switzerland) were held and the latest achievements of the speakers in the field of tissue engineering were presented.

The second session of the summer school including educational webinars with the presence of national experts was held with a focus on introducing the achievements of Iranians in this field and establishing the university and industry as effectively as possible and creating employment for students and graduates. Considering the naming of 1401 by the Supreme Leader as "the year of production, knowledge foundation and job creation", the holding of this part of the summer school was highly welcomed by the participants who, having acquired academic degrees, have high abilities and potential. They had job creation. In this event, an effort was made to improve their readiness to enter the field of basic knowledge production.

The third part of the summer school includes practical workshops; Collection and cultivation of stem and cancer cells, horizontal electrophoresis and PCR, histotechnics, stereotaxic, vertical electrophoresis and western blotting, comprehensive skills of working with laboratory animals, in separate cellular, molecular, surgical, animal, histology and physiology laboratories located in the laboratory complex. Research and center for reproduction, maintenance and breeding of laboratory animals was held. According to the conducted surveys, the quality of the workshop part and the achievement of the desired scientific results on the day of the workshop by the participants had a high level of satisfaction. It is hoped that by continuously holding scientific events, an effective step will be taken in line with the clinical goals of tissue engineering and the health of society.

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