Research Projects

 | Post date: 2021/08/22 | 
  2. Research project entitled "Micropropagation, reproduction and production of vegetative rootstocks". Principle Investigator; Dr. Parisa junubi, 2016.
  3. Research project entitled "Stabilization of α-amylase enzyme on surface-modified polyester sulfone nanofibers and study of biochemical properties of the enzyme". Principle Investigator Dr. Gholasi, 2016.
  4. Research project entitled "Environmental Assessment". Principle Investigator; Dr. Shoja Hashemi jointly with Arak University, 2016
  5. Research project entitled "Evaluation of neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effect of minocycline with OEC cells in the repair of spinal cord injuries". Principle Investigator; Dr. Shahrbanoo Orian (Researchers Support Fund Project), 2016
  6. Research project entitled "Study of the effect of cholestasis syndrome on aquapurin 4 in the brain of rats". Principle Investigator; Dr. Shahrbanoo orian in 2011
  7. Research project entitled "Effect of Nrf2 and NrP1 genes inhibition on apoptosis, biogenesis, and activity of mitochondrial enzymes in the frontal cortex and amygdala using siRNA technology". Principle Investigator; Dr. Shahrbanoo orian (Researcher Support Fund Project), 2012.
  8. Research project entitled "Study of manganese accumulators and the mechanism of resistance to it". Principle Investigator;  Dr. Bojar (Researcher Support Fund Project), 2013

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